Installing Terrarium APK – The Procedure

Though people are crazy going to theatres for watching movies, many of them prefer to watch movies on their Smartphones while sitting comfortably on the couch at their home. Terrarium TV app is something that gives you the facility to get anything from movies to TV shows on your device; it can be Android devices, FireStick, Windows PC and others.


Now, you need not to wait for a weekend so that you get time to watch your movies and even sometimes due to lack of time you cannot spend hours in the theater, which may usually end up canceling your outings with your family and friends. But when you have this app, there is no need to worry about this all.

Also, many times when you miss your regular TV serials or shows, no matter what the reason is, with the help of this app, you can watch the missed movie, show or serial anytime and on any device you want. Now, watching TV has become a convenient source of entertainment with such apps.

Installing Terrarium APK

Here, we will discuss installing Terrarium TV apk on FireStick using Downloader, which is considered as the best method to get this app on your FireStick.

Install Terrarium TV on FireStick

Like Android devices, this app enables you to stream anything on FireStick just like its original version. The installation on FireStick is quite easier and simple. Though it can be done with various methods, here we have included one of the easiest ways to get Terrarium TV on FireStick.

  1. The very first step is to turn on your FireStick and go to its Settings section.
  2. Then select Device/MyFire TV and click on Developer option.
  3. Now, you have to turn on options, ADB Debugging, and Apps from Unknown Sources, which will enable you to download any third-party app on FireStick.
  4. Go to the home screen of FireStick and type Downloader in the search bar and click on search. Or you can open it from the Apps menu.
  5. Now, it’s time to enter the URL in the given URL field, where you require typing- using the on-screen keyboard and click Ok button, it will download the MX Player.
  6. Click the Go button and let MX Player download on FireStick.
  7. Now, click the Install button which will start the installation process of MX Player.
  8. You will get the screen informing that MX Player has been successfully installed on your FireStick and click the Done button.
  9. Once the installation of MX Player completed, go to the home screen of the Downloader app.
  10. Type this link: in the URL field of Terrarium TV app.
  11. After entering this URL, click on the Go button and give Downloader app a time to download the Terrarium TV app on your FireStick.
  12. While it is downloading, the installation process of the app will also start and you will notice that Next button has now being changed to Install button.
  13. You have to click the Install button.
  14. Then, on the next screen, you require clicking on Done button and click the Open button.
  15. Now, it will open the Terrarium TV app on FireStick and click on Allow button on the next screen.
    Click Ok for Terrarium changelog.
  16. Now, you have to select MX Player as the default video player or you can choose any other player which you feel is comfortable and easy to use.
  17. After choosing the default video player, you need to click the Accept button for accepting the Disclaimer.
  18. Thus, now Terrarium TV has been successfully installed and can be enjoyed fully on your FireStick.


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Hope this guide will help you to understand how to install the Terrarium app on FireStick easily. Now, you can access its features and enjoy your movies and TV shows freely any time you want.